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  • Megan Gleason, Principal 
  • Michelle Rivas, Asst. Principal
  • Middle School Main Office: 845-855-4653
  • Fax: 845-855-4134
  • School day start time: 7:38 a.m. 
    School day dismissal time: 2:15 p.m.
  • Bell Schedule  Pawling Middle School Bell Schedule Updated.pdf 


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    Pawling Schools Summer Meals Program

    Meals are distributed on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning July 1, 2020 at the following locations:
    Location            Service Time
    #1 Parking Lot at Charles Coleman Blvd. & Union St  10:30 AM to 11:00 AM
    #2 Pawling fire station on South St.      10:30 AM to 11:00 AM
    #3 Pawling fire station on Quaker Hill  10:45 AM to 11:15 AM
    #4 Pawling fire station on Route 292, Holmes 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM
    #5 Lakeside Park   11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
    #6 Hannaford’s Parking Lot on Route 22 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
    #7 Pawling Elementary School Parking Lot 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
    You can register for our summer meal program at any time by completing this online form Summer meal registration/Registro Para Comidas del Verano, or by calling 845-855-4605 for further assistance.
    Pawling Central School District
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    Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipients

    Congratulations to the scholarship recipients. See the attached list.

    Pawling Central School District
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    Pawling High School VIrtual Awards

    Congratulations to the following high school students who were recognized by their teachers during the 2019-2020 school year.  Certificates will be mailed home shortly.

    Pawling Central School District
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    Voting Results

    Pawling School Budget Proposition for the 2020-2021 School District Budget passes with  947 yes and 800 no votes.  Pretti Govindarajan received 1095 votes, Marie Phelan Vedder received 1066 votes, and Carollynn Costella received 754 votes for Board trustee.  Congratulations to Mrs. Govindarajan and Ms. Vedder.  The Board of Education and Superintendent thank the Pawling community for its participation and support of our schools. 

    Pawling Central School District
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    Civic Engagement Projects 2020

    View student projects throughout the District.

    Pawling Central School District
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    Governance Team Statement on Race Justice and Equity June 2020

    Pawling Central School District

    Honor Roll / 2019-2020
    Marking Periods 1, 2 and 3


    Bai, Michael
    Brennan, Pierce
    Buechel, Samantha
    Clark, Joshua Gordon Pearsall
    Clisby, Allison
    Dazi, Caitlin
    DeGennaro, Kelly
    DelBalzo, Nicholas
    DiFatta, Anthony
    DiPonio, Anthony
    Downs, Edward
    Farquhar, Elizabeth
    Feser, Kira
    Furlong, Joseph
    Gerber, Robbin
    Governale, Juliet
    Grande, Nicholas Peter
    Haywood, Ruby
    Huott, Daniel
    Ignomirello, Michele
    Irwin, Patrick
    Isak, Stine
    Jackson, Karen
    Jeziorski, Adrian
    Kern, Jordan Jackson
    Krasinski, Jenna
    Larocchia, Matthew Vincent
    Lena, Grace
    Lewick, Abigail
    Lozano, Corinna
    Marino, Dakota
    McCarthy, Kendall
    McCarthy, Morgan
    McMahon, Jacob
    Mendoza, Reynaldo David
    Merchan, Pamela
    Milne, Dana Marie
    Mygan, Daniel
    O'Hara, Lily
    Pelegrino, Julianne Sheen
    Petruso, Alexander
    Potanovic, Mackenzie
    Reynolds, Madison
    Santana, Alex
    Schmidt, Christopher
    Snow, Kyra
    Sullivan, Lauren
    Tucci, Kiera
    Valentino, Emily
    Voudren, Jacob
    Willis, Robert


    Barraco, Grace Elizabeth
    Barrett, Emily
    Bekkelund, Ann
    Bellucci, Thomas
    Carrozza, Sofia
    Chiacchia, Zachary
    Clemmons, Julia
    Clowry, Aidan
    Fanuele, Olivia
    Fiorisi, Chance Dyllan
    Galindo, Ivan
    Grove, Logan
    Heubel, Grace
    Heymach, Natalie
    Housen, Hayden
    Isak, Ditte
    Izzo, Dustine
    Kumar, Avi
    Leske, Robert
    Lewick, Keegan
    Maiolo, Lauren
    Melchor-Andrade, Justin
    Odell, Julia
    Pandolfo, Nathan
    Ranghelli, Lana
    Reynolds, Christopher
    Riina, Gino
    Robohn, Catherine
    Savarese, Abigail
    Savarese, Catherine
    Sawotka, Alexandra Rose
    Seitz, Anna May
    Semenza, Tyler
    Slattery, Jack
    Smith, Susannah
    Tocci, Lauren
    Torres, Nylah Jae
    Velasquez, Isabella
    Vinciguerra, Isabella
    Wahl, Haley
    Wood, Celine
    Zoeller, Julia


    Arnold, Kendall
    Brightman, Noah
    Cioffi, Alessia
    Colombo, Stephen
    DeMarta, Samantha
    Earle, Autumn
    Edleman, Jocelyn
    Farquhar, Emily
    Feery, Harper Frances
    Flanagan, Brennan
    Giordano, Jake
    Governale, Thomas Cole
    Govindarajan, Ananya
    Gregorio, Gabrielle
    Hennigan, Katherine
    Housen, Riley
    Jackson, Marie
    Keesler, Cary James
    Kraemer, Grant
    Krajeski, Jonathon
    Lohrfink, Gabriel Joseph
    Mammola, Connor
    McCarthy, William
    McWilliams, Lucille
    O'Hara, Eamon
    Pozo Montesdeoca, Luis Miguel
    Sheeran, Catherine
    Vargas-Rios, Daniela
    Vitro, Noelle
    Willis, Delia
    Wolff, Joseph


    Amaya, Isabella
    Archer, Isabella Grace
    Bai, Elaine
    Barrett, Jack
    Bekkelund, Heidi
    Bellucci, Lauren Elizabeth
    Bogus, Dominic
    Bradley, Cassidy
    Brightman, Caleb
    Burris, Matthew Judge
    DiFatta, Gianna
    Fanuele, Angeline
    Gallagher, Brianna
    Garbarino, Magnolia
    Giannantonio, Nikki
    Gilroy, Keira
    Giron, Cynthia
    Grande, Caroline
    Grove, Karissa
    Guerro, Mia
    Henke, Madalyn
    Hickey, Julianne
    Housen, Ella
    Kaprinski, Emily
    Knowles, Alexandra
    Knowles, Sarah
    Leahy, Emma
    Mascia, Evan
    Maston, Kara
    Notaro, Rosemary Elizabeth
    Ramon, Gabriela
    Sanchez, Alex Matthew
    Santiago, Olivia
    Smith, Hailey
    Talamo, Emily
    Vargas-Rios, Alexandra
    Vertiz, Ruby
    Wahl, Kelsey
    Zhang, Ivan
    Zito, Isabella
    Pawling Central School District
  • Leadership/ Academic Scholarship Awards for Juniors

    Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award -   Keegan Lewick

    Clarkson Achievement Award - Susannah Smith

    Clarkson Leadership Award - Nathan Pandolfo

    Elmira College Key Award-     Ann Bekkelund , Olivia Fanuele

    Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award Ditte Isak

    George Eastman Young Leaders Award -  Robert Leske

    Marist Greystone Technology Award -  Catherine Robohn

    Rensselaer Medal Award -   Hayden Housen

    RIT Computing Medal -   Hayden Housen, Catherine Savarese

    RIT Innovation & Creativity Award -   Robert Leske, Abigail Savarese

    Saint Michael’s College Book Award -     Keegan Lewick , Christopher Reynolds

    Student Sage Award -       Lauren Maiolo , Julia Odell

    Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award -   Ditte Isak, Julia Zoeller

    Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology -   Logan Grove

    Pawling Central School District
  • Summer Meals Information

    The Pawling Schools may be eligible to continue serving meals through July and August.  In order for you to be eligible to receive summer meals, you must be registered before June 13, 2020.  Please visit these links below for online registration or call 845-855-4605 for further assistance.
    Pawling Central School District
  • View the Virtual Art Gallery

    Welcome to the Art Gallery. View artwork and films!

    Pawling Central School District
  • PCMS 2019-2020 Yearbooks

    PCMS 2019-2020 Yearbooks are now available to order online! Please visit The cost per yearbook is $28.00. All orders must be placed by June 15, 2020. Thank you in advance for your purchase!  

    Pawling Middle School
  • Working Papers for Minors and School Closures

    Pawling Central School District
  • 8th Grade Information Night is Postponed



    March 12, 2020


    Dear 8th Grade Parents/Guardians and Students,

    We are postponing tonight’s incoming 9th grade information night. I sincerely apologize for the late notice and any inconvenience. The reason for the postponement is unrelated to current Coronavirus concerns. Our counselors are working on a plan to get course selections completed for next year. As soon as the event can be rescheduled, I will let you know.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience. I look forward to meeting all of you at a later date.


    Helen Callan


    Pawling High School


    Pawling Middle School
  • Kindergarten Registration

    Kindergarten Registration is now open. Registration forms are available on our district website in English and Spanish.  If you have any questions, please call Yvette Rivera at 855-4680.

    Kindergarten Registration Packet 

    Pawling Central School District
  • NYS Testing Information

    Pawling Middle School
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